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A Non-Profit Youth Workers Association in Jamaica

Jamaica Professional Youth Workers Association is a non-profit social enterprise that offers consulting services to the public and private sectors in response to the demands of youth development/work needs. We do this by applying our proven scientific youth development framework that helps our clients and customers to meet their strategic, operational, and human resources success needs while supporting and empowering youth workers. We offer Youthfulness employment and development training. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please contact us through our contact form today.

As the Convener of the Steering Committee for the Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Work Associations we also represent the Caribbean region on the Executive. Providing support and technical assistance and offer membership to regional members from the Caribbean, CARICOM and the Americas. Plans are currently underway to establish a Caribbean Alliance of Youth Work to utilize the potentials of youth development and gains in the region around the practice as a tool for regional integration and development.

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