Posted on Aug. 17, 2022.

aica Professional Youth Workers Association (JPYWA) hosted its Induction and Awards Ceremony to install its new leaders and recognize the work of two outstanding young men in youth development with its 2021 Youth Impact Awardson Friday 16thSeptember 2022, at 10:00 a.m., at the RISE Life Management Services, 57 East Street, Downtown Kingston.

The Association is blazing the trail for youth development to be recognized and utilized as a viable tool for national and regional development and in the past 17 years has ignited a fiery passion for ethical and effective engagement of youth in Jamaica and its region. This new move also includes greater involvement of young people to bolster leadership, withMiss Janis Henry installed as youngest Board Director and Miss Taniel Powell as Youth Brand Ambassador. Also installed were the Regional Chairperson for Surrey, Mrs Nadine Chambers Goss of RISE Life Management Services and the Regional Chairperson for Middlesex, Mrs Anisa Wilson-Smith of Life Skills Publishing & Consultancy Limited. These new Regional Chairpersons is the effort of the organization to be more targeted on the parish and county levels in supporting youth development. This sentiment was applauded and encouraged by the Ministry of Education and Youth’s Senior Director of Youth and, Adolescent Policy Division Mrs. Donnette Batchan-Walker, when she also testified of the impact of the JPYWA on youth development and her own personal career development.

For every story there is a main character and, in this genre, called Youth Development there are many characters who have excelled tremendously, remained present regardless of age, consistent and committed and, needless to say, very deserving of recognition for their work. Their achievements have been supported and inspired by youth development workers who toil tirelessly and often thanklessly to impact the youth of Jamaica and its regions. Without whom the situation that many bemoan would be much worse.

Our first Youth Work Impact Awardeeis to a young person who is a direct recipient of youth work and as a result is now also involved in youth development, Mr Jackson Smith of Fantasy Wings. He, his younger brother, and sister visited the Portmore Youth Information Centre and needed support to adjust to the local culture as they had migrated to Jamaica from the United Kingdom. They were daily visitors to the centre and participated in most of the services and activities and were intelligent well-mannered kids who were not afraid to ask for help and embraced mentorship. Inspired from this engagement as a youth he now an accomplished pilot founded Fantasy Wings in the United Kingdom in 2019 and following the success of the Fantasy Mentoring Programme. As a young Black man who battled adversity en route to gaining his own Pilot’s License and a Degree in Aviation Jackson Smith was determined to make it easier for other young Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) men and women to access the same opportunities he fought to get. Fantasy Wings’ goal is to give BAME people and women a platform to enter and excel in the Aviation industry or become commercial airline pilots through expert-led workshops, conferences, mentoring, and real flight training.

The next Awardee is Mr. Dwayne Gutzmer of the Institute of Law & Economics, a youthat heart, extremely vibrant, and self-motivated leader who is committed to youth and community Development. Like many, he has travelled the academic road and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing and Information Technology from the University of Technology, Jamaica, and a Master’s in Business Administration with a special focus in Finance from the University of Wales. Coming from humble beginnings and the eldest of his siblings he climbed the ladder by becoming a Youth Development Expert when he became the Dean of the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors. Before he was recognized regionally, he was the Vice President of the Red Hills Community Development Association, Executive Vice President of Junior Chamber International. His work as a practitioner has changed so many lives through his fierce advocacy strategies. To date, his significant achievement as a Youth Development Practitioner is his ability to win the confidence of those he serves. Jamaica and the world no matter the challenges are better for the contributions of these young men and the many others impacted by youth development workers.

The Jamaica Professional Youth Workers Association since its formation in 2006 by a group of Commonwealth Diploma in Youth Development Work graduates has not stopped serving, from providing training to grassroots people working with the young, to awarding those that are passionately serving, to supporting government and non-government entities better serve. The JPYWA is surely small in size, and resources but skilfully exemplifies the Jamaican phrase ‘little but dem tallawah’ convening an international group of Youth Work Associations subsequently endorsed by many of the Commonwealth youth ministers. As they continue in their work, they highlight the first week in November as International Youth Work Week and this year they will be hosting their Annual General Meeting and Youth Development Work Conference and several other activities in the month also recognized nationally as Youth Month. It is an encouragement in a time when many are exclaiming the challenges being faced in our nation, that there is an organization touting that there is a viable tool like youth development that has proven its ability to aid national development and alleviate many of these challenges. Echoed throughout the event by this group is that youth possess a wealth of untapped potentials and resources that cannot continue to be ignored and unsupported and must be allowed to take ownership of the future today as partners in development nationally and regionally.

Mrs Anisa Wilson-Smith of Life Skills Publishing & Consultancy Limited (at right) inducted as Regional Chairperson for Middlesex. Certificate of Induction presented by Mrs Donnette Batchan-Walker, Director of Youth Programme Implementation of the Ministry of Education

& Youth.

Mrs Nadine Chambers Goss of RISE Life Management Services (at right) inducted as Regional Chairperson for Surrey. Certificate of Induction presented by Mrs Donnette Batchan-Walker, Director of Youth Programme Implementation of the Ministry of Education & Youth.

Youth Impact Award 2021presented to Mr Jackson Smith of Fantasy Wings, UK (at right)

by Mr Gihon Mitchell, President Elect of the Jamaica Professional Youth Workers Association (JPYWA), Youth Empowerment Officer (YEO) of St Catherine & Programme Manager for the National Youth Council of Jamaica (NYCJ) in the Ministry of Education & Youth.

Youth Impact Award 2021 was also presented to Mr Dwayne Gutzmer of Institute of Law & Economics (was not able to attend). 

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